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The Xiǎo Gōng (小工, Laborer) robot is a venerable support unit developed by MYG (Ming You Group) Industries at the request of the StateEmpire Department of Infrastructure during the early colonization phase of Shentang planet. The first models were merely deforestation units produced en-masse to facilitate the colonization of the inner areas of the Nakhonthai region, in Shentang's southern regions. Later models were adapted to clean the great crystal surfaces used to harvest the solar energy across the arcologies of the spectacular cities in the Koguryō region (Shentang).

The vigorous Xiǎo Gōng has been, across the decades, a regular presence taking care of landing surfaces in the airports and spaceports of the entire Human Sphere. The sturdy deforestation models have been exported to the border territories of all known colonial areas, where they have shown their toughness and reliability in the harshest environments possible. When they seemed to have reached the end of their lengthy lifespan, the signing of a contract by MYG Industries with the Ariadnan government has seen the sale of a large quantity of surplus units stored in Yutang. It seems the retirement age of the most hardworking robots in the Human Sphere has not yet been reached.

[Technical Data] The Xiǎo Gōng robot performs a 3-phase cleaning process, with a pre-programmed spiral movement using the smart navigation technology developed by MYG Industries. It makes use of artificial intelligence algorithms to cover the whole field of operation, thanks to its surfaces tracking sensor. [See More]

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Scenery for gaming table.

To scratch build this terrain piece I used seven plastic glass tops, a contact lens container, a pair of plastic goggles, a piece taken from an electric razor, a inter-dental brush and two earphones.

To get a better result and more detail I used some spare pieces from Infinity Remotes as well as some airplane model decals.

The idea to make this scenery came from the need to dispose of the fourteen plastic glass tops someone left on my workbench…

An easy and curious idea for an Infinity game table.

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  1. That's really nice work, hope I had such creativity. The shapes and curves of the robots are so infinity-like.
    Glad to see you've focused properly on the background too!
    I'm starting up a blog with my brother about Infinity, you might wanna check it out. The address is splitsphere.blogspot.com